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The official website of ‘that Aussie Guy’ from Sydney Australia, who sold his house and quit his job to move to Green Bay, WI in 2007. He did so with his beautiful wife, 2 adorable baby boys and nothing more than a dream to one day write a book about being a fan of the almighty Green Bay Packers.

**Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl XLV Champions**

A shout-out to our MVP & Super Bowl winning champs. Thank you; it’s a great time to be a fan of the Green Bay Packers! (Gary A. Vasquez/NFL)

An Introduction...

2007/8 - 45,000 kilometres, 28,000 miles. 162 days. 16 Games, 9 Stadiums. 1 family and the Green Bay Packers.

2011 - 31,000 kilometres, 19,300 miles, 8 days, 1 Game, 1 Stadium for a Super Bowl victory and one for a Super Bowl winning parade!

The story of a 15 year old dream being fulfilled contrary to all rational thinking. Of giving up what most wouldn’t to live the life you want to, not the one you happen to be leading. To meet new people in a new land that for some reason feels like home despite having never been there for longer than a few hours some 8 years ago. One football season to forget about everything else and see the world through Green and Gold eyes. From the sunny shores of Sydney Australia to the freezing depths of Green Bay Wisconsin to follow one of the most celebrated teams in sporting history. This is a once in a lifetime trip fuelled by the desire, the passion and the drive that only fans of the greatest team in American Football history could truly understand.



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Scullino Family Update

Friday, January 27, 2012

image What would the new year be without first closing off the old one? I thought I’d throw up some pics, in my good old fashioned album style, just to keep you all updated. At least before the Super Bowl and the customary offseason break hits. The one above is the boys and I on the beach on Boxing Day, 2011. 

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