A thankyou to those that have helped along the way

If you’d like to trade some space on this page for something that might help us out whilst we’re here, . Particularly if you work in the fields of accommodation or rental cars.

Accommodation: Regency Suites, Green Bay Wisconsin

imageI would like to send my most heartfelt thankyou, on behalf of Kelly and the boys for the wonderful reception we have received here at the Regency in our first week of this trip. The staff, no matter their department, have been so willing to assist us with absolutely anything we need. So far as the amenties go there is a wonderful cooked breakfast every morning, fantastic pool area complete with waterpark for the kids and “The Pub” sportsbar which has already come in handy on more than one occasion. Please contact them when next you need to stay in Green Bay. If they are half as nice to you as they have been to us you’re in for a very welcoming experience. www.regencygb.com or (920) 432 4555

Computing: Process Creative

I would like to thank Andy for his contribution in designing this website and everything he did to deal with my different personalities in doing so. The ideas, foresight and commitment to this project has made things a whole lot easier for us. Follow www.processcreative.com.au straight to their website.

Communication: The Phone Shop Sydney

A big thankyou to Andrew at The Phone Shop for helping us out with tri-band, USA friendly equipment. Whilst calls home still cost a fortune, at least we have mobile phones capable of doing so. You can contact Andrew in Sydney on 02 9396 5255. 

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