YT SBXLV 5 Game Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

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“This is what we’ve trained all year for"… Is what they’d have been saying in the locker room this morning. As for me, I can say “This is why I travelled all the way here”. It’s game day today so I hope you enjoy this extra special video. A few words of warning:

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Update 11 Feb 5pm

Saturday, February 12, 2011

image And boy do I have some updating to do! (11 Feb 5pm is Green Bay time by the way.) For those of you not on Facebook, I can happily report that I made it safely home yesterday around lunchtime (in Sydney). That means that I have been back in the ‘land down under’, with my beautiful family, for approximately 21 hours.

By the way, I’m not sure if i mentioned whilst I was there (I’m sure I did) but the reason for my sporadic updates and lack of email and comment responses is that I couldn’t have a data connection added to my cell phone plan whilst I was there. Apparently AT&T don’t allow that via an iPhone when you’re a ‘prepaid’ user. That meant that if I wasn’t sitting in my hotel room or somewhere that provided free WiFi, like Starbucks or Maccas, I had no connection to the internet! Crazy in this day and age I know. 

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Super Bowl XLV 2 of 2

Monday, February 07, 2011

image (You may wish to read the ‘Super Bowl Game 1 of 2’ entry first if you want to read them in order.)

I just want to start this entry with ‘Holy Crap we’re Super Bowl Champions!!!’ So here it is ‘HOLY CRAP WE’RE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!’ Honestly, you could just say that over and over and over again couldn’t you? The emotions that ran through me last night were so up and down that I don’t actually know whether or not I want to experience them again!  Don’t get me wrong, the good emotions were super good but through the second and third quarters, man, those emotions weren’t good at all. 

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Super Bowl XLV 1 of 2

image Super Bowl morning. Who the heck would have ever thought that I’d be getting up, in the United States one day, with a ticket in my hand getting ready to attend the Super Bowl? Not just that, but one with my team, the Green Bay Packers not only playing but the favourites to win. And coming off 2 ‘win and you’re in’ home wins and 3 road playoff wins we actually had a great shot at taking the title, despite the injuries we’d sustained. 

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Pre-Super Bowl Album

Sunday, February 06, 2011


..........So I know you’re all probably waiting for a new video this morning / evening, depending on where you are. And I’d love to bring you one. I’m sorry to say though that I have to take a break otherwise I’ll fall in a heap before tomorrow even comes! So what I’ve decided to do tonight, because I’ve wanted to this for a few days, is put together an album of some of the pics I have taken since leaving Sydney to this evening. Though this requires some work too, it’s take about a 1/4 the time to upload photos as it does the videos.

Is that a cop-out? I hope not. But tonight I do need my beauty sleep. Tomorrow is going to be the mother of all days… for everyone, no matter where you are in this world.

The first pic is the boys and I at the departure gate 2 minutes before I left.

And below is my darling wife and I, 3 minutes before i left! 

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