2011 Wk 7 @ Minn

Tuesday 25th October 2011
at 09:56pm

image Before I start today, I have to say that I was shattered to see the Badgers go down to Michigan State last night. I saw the entire game live and couldn’t believe it. I don’t focus a lot of attention on the Badgers so I won’t pretend that I do, I back the Dairy State though so whether or not I know the name of every single player, I still want nothing but the best for our teams. (James Starks photo credit: AP Photo/Andy King)

Now, onto the Packers.

Another late Sunday afternoon game, another 300 yards and 3 touchdowns for Aaron and another loss for the Vikings. Things don’t get much better than this. 

image I missed this game live again this morning due to the timing but did my best to keep up when I had the opportunity. The great thing about an iPad with NFL Game Pass is that you can watch the game, quite literally, from anywhere in the world. The tough part though, is knowing that you have the game at your fingertips when you’re in a meeting taking notes and you can’t, not even for a second, consider App swapping to take a quick peek at the action. (Mason Crosby photo credit: Evan Siegel/GBPG)

I have to say, I came into this game not at all concerned about our chances, similar to my attitude with St Louis. There was a lot of talk about Christian Ponder and how he was entering a baptism of fire in his first NFL start against our defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. I’m not sure that this was such a big deal though. With the way Donovan was playing he deserved to be pulled. And despite the fact that Minnesota were belted by Chicago last week, Ponder looked, to me at least, better than I thought he would. (Insert apology here for my thinly veiled ribbing on draft day.)

So far as his transition from rookie to starter goes, I thought he did a great job. That first play from scrimmage was incredible and, I know you’ll shoot me down for this, I actually felt a little sorry for him that it didn’t go the extra couple of yards for the touchdown. They scored anyway so it wouldn’t have made a difference to us. But to him it would have been massive. To tell his grandkids that his first pass, in his first NFL start was a 75 yard touchdown at home against their most hated division rival and defending Super Bowl Champions would have been some story. Heck that was some effort writing it, let alone telling a story like that in forty years to come.

image As with the second half of the Rams game, I found the first half of this one a little tiresome. That could be because I had to watch it on replay having already read about it and watched the highlights online. (Greg Jennings photo credit: Evan Siegel/GBPG)

The second half though, was a completely different story. I must say, I was somewhat concerned at the fact that we went into the break, down 17-13. Not because I didn’t think we couldn’t beat them, more so for the fact that, all jokes aside, they just aren’t a very good team. Either way, the intent that we took into the third quarter was terrific.  It felt like something clicked, from Greg Jennings’ wide open catch to Mason’s 58 yard field goal. Turning a 13-17 deficit, into a 33-17 lead should have been the end of it. The Vikings though didn’t see it that way. For the entire game Adrian Peterson carved us up like we’d never seen him play before, and if not for Charles Woodson’s late interception and the heroics of James Starks running down the clock, the Vikings, rookie quarterback and all, could very well have stolen that game right from under us. As it turned out, in a season where we have already played New Orleans, Chicago and Atlanta, it was the under strength Vikings that came to within the fewest points of any of them.

Having said that, who cares about the 6 point deficit? Fact is we won, and fact is we’re 7 and 0. At this point, there are thirty-one teams in the NFL who aren’t so however our guys decide to get it done is just fine by me!

image On a subsequent note, if I learned anything from this game, and I’m bold enough to say that I did, I’d have to say that for two games in a row we seemed a little complacent heading into the stretch. The Rams weren’t capable of doing anything about it, the Vikings though gave us one heck of a scare. I’d like to think that the next time we play them, we give this rookie quarterback a lot more respect than we did this week. It might take them a few years, but as we have seen in Detroit with Matt Stafford, if the Vikings get it together, they’ll absolutely get it together. (Charles Woodson photo credit: AP Photo/Andy King)

In a little non-Packer related news (as I have become accustomed to saying), I can’t help but comment on the ridiculousness of the whole Tim Tebow dilemma in Denver. I don’t particularly like or dislike anything about the Broncos. To me, they’re just an AFC team that I wish didn’t make the Super Bowl in the 1998. Regardless of that though I am being hammered from all sides, on every sports television and radio station about who he is, what the fans thinks, the ads and billboards they’re taking out and the ‘tough decisions’ the Broncos front office and coaching staff need to make about the starting position and Kyle Orton’s spot there. Seriously, Cam Newton is putting up spectacular numbers, albeit losing and Andy Dalton is showing every team in the league, just like Aaron did in 2008, that if your veteran quarterback is whining, let him go and bring in the new blood. Even through all of that though, all we’re about is Tim Tebow. I’m sure he is an absolutely super guy to have on your team and in your locker room, but enough already!

And finally, on a much quicker note, it’s bye week next week so I’m going to take the week off too if that’s ok. Will write you all in a fortnight when we take on the Chargers. Perhaps one of only a handful of teams left on our schedule that could give us a run for our money this year.

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Thu 08th Dec 11
at 09:10pm

Ha, very nice report. No big deal about the Badgers for me, it’s Packers all the way. Thanks, great to see you online again!

Tue 20th Dec 11
at 05:49pm

Hey Wayne, we do seem a little complacent heading into the stretch. That worries me but we’re undefeated still so that’s all that counts. SBXLVI!!!

Thu 22nd Dec 11
at 08:45pm

Hi Wayne. Fllwed your story when you were here. It’s great to beat the ViQueens no matter the way it works out. Love to the family. Will we see you in Green Bay agin anytimesoon?

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