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Friday 18th February 2011
at 08:44pm

image I think I shocked alot of people when they found out I was heading to Dallas for the Super Bowl. And, as usual, they were even more shocked once they learned I was travelling there without a ticket to the actual game itself. My philosophy was quite simple. I’m a Green Bay Packer fan from a land where most people couldn’t care less about football. The least I could do, with the Packers in the big dance, was fly to a place that’d be partying all week long as a result. If I lucked out and scored a ticket to the game then great. If I didn’t then I’d at least have dozens of bars with thousands of Packers fans to party with and really soak in the atmosphere of what could be a monumental night.

That’s why, even before I left Sydney, Kel and I had decided that if the Packers won, I’d do anything I had to do to get to Green Bay to join the ‘coming home’ party. And once they did, well, like I said, I got on the phone. This was too big an opportunity to pass up. (By the way, not booking the trip in advance was no indication that I thought Packers wouldn’t win. I always thought they’d win. I didn’t want to fork out close to $1000 just in case. I’m sure you understand!)

image On Monday morning things weren’t looking good though. I was set to leave Dallas for LA on Tuesday and then home to Sydney on Tuesday night. As it turned out though, the ‘Return to Titletown’ parade was scheduled for Tuesday at 4pm. That immediately rendered my flying home to Australia plans redundant. It was physically impossible for me to get to LA by 10pm from Green Bay if the earliest I could leave was 630. (The parade finished at 5. Half an hour to the airport and check-in an hour before the flight.) That meant that for me to be at Lambeau Field for the party I had to cancel my flight from Dallas to LA and postpone for, one night at least, my flight home from LA to Sydney. That was a costly little excercise in itself.

image Then I had to figure out how I was actually going to get to Green Bay. A flight via Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee or direct. Heck I even looked at the AmTrak schedule, which, if you’re interested, was never going to work! The direct flight options were all well over $1000 as this was a special route and that made that option impossible. Chicago and Minneapolis were both too far away for me to fly out and drive to Green Bay in time so it had to be Milwaukee, if that was possible. Thankfully it was and it turned out to be the cheapest and quickest option of all.

Having taken care of the details I flew out of Dallas/Fort Worth, on the day of the parade, at 630am and into Milwaukee at 1030am. Having never been to Milwaukee I had to find the rental cars as quickly as I could and hot-foot it up the 43N to make it in time. And that’s when the blisteringly cold reality of winter in Wisconsin hit me. What the heck were people in Dallas complaining about? Simply leaving the terminal to cross the road to head into the rental car building nearly ripped my face off. How was I going to handle being out in the elements for an hour at the field having flown out from Sydney five days earlier where it was 106!

image Needless to say I toughed it out, jumped in my Lincoln Town Car and made it to Green Bay in the nick of time.

For those of you curious as to why I’m talking about the weather the way I am when we lived in Wisconsin only a few years ago… The simplest explanantion is that we flew into Green Bay in the summer time. It was the 2nd of September and temps were still in the 80’s. It got progressively colder through November, December and January and allowed us time to adjust as we went along.This time it was a slap in the face. Like Mother nature telling me to ‘man-up’! I must say though I did enjoy it. That’s what being in Wisconsin is all about right???

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Sat 19th Feb 11
at 01:07am

A Lincoln Town Car? Nice score, Wayne.  Drove to GB in style…

That was probably one of the colder runs we had this winter in Milwaukee.  For a couple of the days leading up to the Super Bowl, it actually was colder in Dallas than Green Bay.

Just a few days before the game, Milwaukee was hit with a lot of snow.  I couldn’t get in to work and the company declared it a company holiday.

But just yesterday it was about 60 degrees - that’s Wisconsin for you.

Looking forward to reading about the celebration in Green Bay.  I missed it on television.


Sat 19th Feb 11
at 01:11am

And just a little trivia for you, Wayne.  That clock represented in your first picture is the four-faced clock on the former Allen-Bradley corporation headquarters in Milwaukee.

It is (or least was) the largest four-faced clock in the world.


Sun 20th Feb 11
at 01:41am

Dave, I know, the Lincoln was nice I thought. I had a few others questioning my choice though. When I told them I didn’t choose it, and that it was all Thrifty had left they were like ‘oh, that explains it then’???

The weather, though cold, will always be a novelty to us. It’s so hot where we are that snow with a negative wind chill is kind of cool. Literally!!! 

Thanks for the history on the clock. I do like stories like that.

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