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Sunday 20th February 2011
at 12:20am

image Before I start, you’ll have to excuse the pictures on this post, I was literally that pushed for time once the shopping started that I barely thought about taking photos. (I mean look at that shocker to start with! It does show you that it’s 3F at 1030 in the morning though!) Anyway, back to business.....

As unfortunate as this might seem, I literally had 24 hours in Green Bay and that was it. There wasn’t even enough time for me to collect the newspapers before I left. Though I would loved to have stayed alot longer and catch up with all of the people that I would have loved to have caught up with there were a few reasons why I couldn’t.

image Firstly, I had to get home eventually and I was so fortunate that Kel was happy for me to take this trip at all. As it turned out I had already postponed one flight home with her blessing so that I could make it Green Bay, I didn’t want to take advantage of her goodwill by pushing my luck any further. Secondly, we had commitments that I had to be home for by the weekend and finally, I felt quite guilty about being in Green Bay on my own. Dallas was no big deal to Kel and the boys as the sole purpose for being there was football. Green Bay on the other hand is like our home away from home. We have beautiful friends and wonderful memories of our time in Green Bay. Kel would have been as excited as I was to be there and the boys, Ben at least, would have loved to have played in the snow and experience the cold again.

image So my timeframes led to a very hectic morning I’ve got to say. I rushed off to talk to my pals at WDUZ ‘The Fan’ for half an hour so. (As per the picture above.) Then rushed back to get my bag in order so that Tom, Kathy and I could get a bight to eat together at Perkins before I disappeared for another year. Plus, just like in Dallas, I had some shopping to do so my final two hours were just that, screaming around Green Bay, legally of course, trying to get all of the souvenirs that I could in what limited time I had spare. This included, but was in no way limited to Dunham’s Sports, Dick’s, Kohl’s, Shopko and at least every 2nd store at Bay Park Square. For all of a minute or so each!!! Ah the memories of Bay Park Square. I could write about that place for days.

image I did an ok job I’d say, it’s hard though when you’re so far removed from anything Green Bay Packer to all of a sudden find yourself amongst an absolute sea of everything green and gold. 2 days after a Super Bowl victory no less! If it wasn’t for Tom’s great shopping skills I’d have done alot worse I can assure you. Thanks Tom! (To give you an idea as to how quickly the time went, I didn’t even get to the Pro-Shop, the indisputable home of the Green Bay Packer Shopaholic! (Insert sad face here...)

And with that, before I could say Go Pack Go, or, as Donald Driver coined ‘We Super Bowl Champions Baby’ I was off. Quite literally. Back in my Lincoln Town car and down the 43S on my way home, via Milwaukee. Far too soon and with far too many things to do and people left behind for my liking.

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Sun 20th Feb 11
at 08:59am

Wayno, as you (and WE) would say, “no worries” - a package will be coming your way.....to be sent in early March if all goes as planned.  How’s that for suspense??!

Love to all
(and p.s. yes, too funny to be off by just 9 minutes in our previous posts.  Again, so close and yet so far.....)

Sun 20th Feb 11
at 09:37pm

p.s. wayno, meant to say, your first picture in the post is actually quite clever and artistic - taken in a mirror, showing your furrowed brow, and then with the “E” and the “3” being mirror images of each other as well.  Cool!
XO again


Tue 22nd Feb 11
at 03:37am

Hey Wayne, I love the great blog you put together. I have always wanted to visit Green Bay for many reasons. Actually, the closest I have ever been to Green Bay is Chicago. I have many friends who live there and there are so many things to do. Anyways, I have heard that GB is very unique and if I ever had a chance to go and visit. I wondering, if I visited during the summer are there things for my whole family (my wife, two children who are 6 and 4 years old, and myself) to do? Or should I come with a group of guys for a long weekend?

Wed 23rd Feb 11
at 04:07am

Hey Wayne,
We love the updates....but you forgot to mention that during your 24 hours stay in Green Bay, you essentially didn’t have a voice! Between the screaming at the Super Bowl and the start of a sore throat...you didn’t sound so good on WDUZ interview grin.
Glad you had a good time, and we can’t wait to see you AND Kelly and the boys in Green Bay at the end of the year!

Take care,
Kathy, Tom, Tyler and Kate

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