Australia Loves GB T’s

Sunday 30th January 2011
at 09:37pm

image So I’ve wanted to print these T-Shirts for years and I thought what better time to do it? The Packers are playing, it’s the Super Bowl, you can actually wear a t-shirt in Dallas during February and I’ll be there in 2 days so it’s perfect!

That said, I didn’t plan on selling them until a mate of mine said “Dude, you should sell those on the website” So I figured all of the work has been done, why not. And where else are you going to find an Aussie stylin’ Packer shirt?

So here’s the deal, I have them in S,M,L and XL. They need to ship from Australia so they’ll take 2-4 weeks for arrival and they cost US$25 (+ $10 for postage I’m afraid as they’re coming from Sydney). There aren’t a lot of them yet so if you want one let me know and we’ll sort out your details whilst the check-out is still being installed.

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