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Thursday 03rd February 2011
at 10:49am

Hi all, get ready for the quickest and perhaps worst spelt update ever. After many, many late nights this last week I found myself so exhausted last night that all I could do was sleep. That’s not such a bad thing but I didn’t get the chance to load a text or video update yesterday as a result.  (Insert sad face here.)

I did have a lovely morning with my family though en route to the airport and waiting for the plane to board. Insert MASSIVE smiley face here! xx

So as it stands right now, I’m on the plane, on the tarmac typing this entry on my phone! In the best interests of not getting in trouble from the attendant for using my phone, I’m signing off here. Just wanted to say hi, and see you on the other side of the Pacific!!!

Oh ands the obligatory ‘Go Pack Go’ of course!

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Fri 04th Feb 11
at 12:12am

I see your story made it in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today, Wayne.


Fri 04th Feb 11
at 05:20pm

just keep an eye on special teams wayne. keep after them. we’ll handle the rest from here.

Fri 04th Feb 11
at 05:22pm

Steve, I did see that, thanks for mentioning it.

And Fred, shouldn’t you be in bed??? If I see Mason, Sam or Tramon I’ll tell them I’m keeping my eye on them! Ha!

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