YT SBXLV 3 Route to Big D

Friday 04th February 2011
at 09:22pm

Planes trains and automobiles! Well no trains, but there could have been had the concierge at the hotel done a better job to convinvce me that the trains in Dallas are safe! This is video number 3 and it shows departure from Sydney with my lovely, beautiful and handsome family right through to arrival in Dallas.

I hope you enjoy it…

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Fri 04th Feb 11
at 09:50pm

G’day Wayne,

Just been watching your recent videos. Thanks for taking us along on the ride.

It’s time.

The helmet made the move from the study to sit on top of the speakers by the telly earlier this week.The 1981 James Lofton jersey is already to go for Monday morning.Already taken the day off work.

Keep safe and enjoy and


Sat 05th Feb 11
at 11:25am

Glad you finally made it safe and sound.  Old Man Winter is not in a good mood over North America this year.  I think you made a wise decision by flying directly to Dallas.  A lot of flights are delayed to DFW and DAL because of the ice and snow there.  Good luck in finding a ticket to the game.  Do you know there are 200 dollar tickets available to watch the game outside of the stadium on big screen TV’s?

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