Super Bowl XLV 2 of 2

Monday 07th February 2011
at 11:32pm

image (You may wish to read the ‘Super Bowl Game 1 of 2’ entry first if you want to read them in order.)

I just want to start this entry with ‘Holy Crap we’re Super Bowl Champions!!!’ So here it is ‘HOLY CRAP WE’RE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!’ Honestly, you could just say that over and over and over again couldn’t you? The emotions that ran through me last night were so up and down that I don’t actually know whether or not I want to experience them again!  Don’t get me wrong, the good emotions were super good but through the second and third quarters, man, those emotions weren’t good at all. 

image I felt great all the way through kick-off. No nerves or churned stomach. No sick feeling or trepidation. Just a sense of ‘Wow, we’re at the Super Bowl!’. And even then I found that hard to believe because it’s one of those surreal things that escapes you despite the fact that you’re right in the middle of it.

That being said, my ‘cool, calm and collected’ nature turned into a little concern as both teams went for a couple of possessions each to begin the game. I started to worry that the Steelers might score first and that we’d be put on the back foot. Instead, we scored first and I was overcome by a calming sense of relief that I thought would let me enjoy the rest of the game. Until Nick Collins pick 6 of course. Up 14-0 in the space of 15 seconds I was ready to hang from the rafters. Honestly, as that music blared through the stadium I was dancing like Paula Abdul was judging me. I couldn’t get it out of my system and neither it seemed could any of the Packer fans that I was sitting with.

Though I was always concerned about the fact that we were up against Ben Roethlisberger, my excitement led me to believe that whilst we maintained this sort of momentum, we’d be singing victory songs well into the night. And despite the fact that the Steelers drove well enough in the opening stages of the 2nd quarter to kick a field goal, I still felt like we were on a roll. Heck, when Jarrett Bush took our 2nd interception of the night and Greg ‘Mr Touchdown’ Jennings converted that into a 21-3 lead I was laughing! There was a tiny piece of me that still gave the Steelers the credit they deserved but really, we were steam rolling our way right through them.

To say that I was happy would have been an understatement.

image Sometimes though, a big lead can be just as bad for you as it can be good. If your opponent gives up, then the scoreboard takes care of itself. But, when you’re losing and you’re losing big, you take more risks. You open up the shoulders, air the ball out and see what happens. And that’s what Pittsburgh did. They had nothing to lose, the game was already against them so they went for it. Their 80 yard drive straight after our score killed my enthusiasm completely. Not just because they scored, but because they did it in the space of a minute and a half and they did so right before half-time, taking the momentum away from us and lighting up their locker room with it.

image What’s more, they came out in the second half and took another one in and wouldn’t you know it, we were at 21-17. By now the BBQ beef sandwich I had just finished was started to do somersaults in my stomach. And not just because it cost me $9! Honestly I was a wreck. If I had to explain the 3rd quarter to you briefly I’d say it was horrible. The fact that the Steelers were doing well, had cut our lead to 4 and Donald Driver, Charles (thank you Tim) Woodson and Sam Shields were all seemingly out for the game had me worried plain and simple.

And then there were the dropped catches. Now I know I’m no NFL All-Pro Wide Receiver but seriously, how many balls did we drop? And balls that were right there for the catching. Aaron had 15 incompletions and I’m certain half of those were thrown right where they should have been. James Jones and Jordy Nelson both had clangers again - balls that if caught would have been taken straight to the end-zone. Boy Jordy made up for his in the final quarter though with his YAC to get us inside the 5.

So by this time I was emotionally spent. This truly was the most draining game of football I had ever experienced. I guess that was because it was the most emotionally invested game of football I had ever experienced. Maybe it’s because it was the Packers in the Super Bowl. Or maybe it was because I’d travelled as far as I had to see it. Who knows? What I do know is I sat biting my nails and seriously watching every play like it was their last. Head in my hands for most of it I was quite literally beside myself with anticipation. And that was before the Steelers drove again for the gap closing touchdown and the two point conversion. All I remember doing at this point was screaming ‘The option… who still runs the option???’ Good luck to them I can say happily now though at the time it brought them to within a field goal and me within a whisker of a premature heart attack.

With a 3 point buffer I was happy but panicked. Happy that we turned our next drive into a field goal to increase our lead to 6. Panicked though, that a touchdown would win them the game by the slimmest of heart-breaking margins. 

image And that was my one fear going into this game. Don’t give Ben the chance to win it on the final possession. Sure, it’s amazing when he does it against Arizona, but not against us. I was so nervous that I felt sick, queasy even. And then there’s that horrible feeling of relief but renewed concern with every down that is played. As a fan we celebrate a stop on first down and high five each other. Phew! But then there’s second down and again we’re freaking out. We stop them again for another flood of emotions. 3rd down is the same again, until you realise it’s 4th down.

image And fourth down is the killer. It’s the quarterback’s last roll of the dice and with nothing to lose he has complete authority to throw it wherever he pleases.  Either go for the 5 yards they need or air it out downfield and hope for the best. Thankfully for us the Steelers came up short and just as I had predicted earlier to those I was sitting next to, I cried my eyes out . Yup, I didn’t just shed a tear, I cried and cried and cried. Head in my hands, bum firmly planted in my seat I just lost it and I’ve no problem saying so.

imageThere were times in 2007 where I got emotional in place of letting go with wild celebrations and this was certainly one of those times. The win cemented for me just how lucky I am. Not just because I was there but because I was able to put myself in a position to be there. I thought about the NFC Championship game just 2 weeks ago. A game that I watched at home in Sydney and of course I thought of my family. The most supportive wife and most adorable little boys a man with a dream could have.

image I was happy that we won, and it made me think of all of other things in life that I am grateful for too. It’s times like these and the appreciation of how it happens and who is there for you along the way that makes these moments what they are.

Being at a Super Bowl to see our Green Bay Packers crowned World Champions for a record 13th time will forever be one of ‘those’ moments in my life. An unbelievable experience that I was lucky to be a part of. 

And that’s what I love about football. I enjoy the game for the three hours or so that it is on, but it helps me appreciate everything else I have. And for all of that together; Super Bowl XLV, my family and our happiness at all times, I really am truly grateful.

image As could be expected, I didn’t leave the stadium until I was asked too. Some 2 hours after the game. I hooked up with the plenty of people as I walked down to Humperdinks to find the Brunner’s and we soaked in the atmosphere of being in the company of 200 or so other very happy, very excited Packer fans. I thought that it was fitting for me to start today’s update with us at the Waffle House and end it with us at the bar. That’s just the sort of day it was.

Go Pack Go! 13 time World Champions and Super Bowl XLV champions. Thank you.

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Tue 08th Feb 11
at 12:13am

Welcome back the U.S.A. Wayne. Glad you were able to attend the Super Bowl. And I’m even more glad that the Packers WON! Hope you and your family are doing well. Enjoy the next few days of Packer Fever!!!

Tue 08th Feb 11
at 12:24am

Hey Wayno!  Glad you were able to see such a sweet victory!  It was a hell of a game!

Tue 08th Feb 11
at 01:18am

hey Wayno!  That was amazing!!  My heart was pounding, my nails are bitten to the quick!  Could it be that you brought a bit of good luck from Oz??  Glad you saw it from the stands!  Good on ya!

Tue 08th Feb 11
at 01:42am

Wayne!  So glad you got to go to the game!  (Hope you didn’t have a ticket for one of the non-existent seats.)

Will you be at Lambeau tomorrow for the welcome home?  The high temp is supposed to be 8 F so it’s perfect Packer weather!

Tue 08th Feb 11
at 02:57am

So looking forward to the update!!!!

Tue 08th Feb 11
at 10:41am

Hi Wayne,
This is Ryan and Ashley Johnson (we are the couple that walked with you out of Cowboys Stadium in the rain).  It was great to meet you last night, and we hope you are able to rearrange your flights in order to stop by Green Bay!  The stadium opens at 2 for the celebration to start at 4, and we hope to see you there.  We are in Missouri right now, and hope to make it home by that time.  I’ll try to send you the picture we took together when I get the chance to load my pictures to my computer.  So glad you made the game!  Take care!

Tue 08th Feb 11
at 11:11am


It was wonderful to hear your voice today on the phone, what an unexpected surprise. I hope Brian and family didn’t wear you out in Dallas. I am so happy that you could come back for the game, and what a game it was! Glad to hear that things are going as well as could be expected back home. One of these days I’m going to surprise YOU by stopping by YOUR neck of the woods. I hear it’s considerably warmer there this time of the year. Hell, all year round, for that matter.

Seriously, it was great hearing from you again. What a great spur-of-the-moment trip you had!


Tue 08th Feb 11
at 09:01pm


Well done, page 3 today’s Melbourne Age

photo with DD also in paper

Wed 09th Feb 11
at 07:41am

Wayne, enjoy so much following your journey, and while we have never met in person, share a great love and affection for the Pack!  Safe travels!

Wed 09th Feb 11
at 09:42am

No video wayne? Were they not allowed in the stadium?

Wed 09th Feb 11
at 12:55pm

Now you have the final chapter for your book.

Thu 10th Feb 11
at 07:05am

Great blog.  Do you know yet if your book will be available in the US?

I’ve really enjoyed following your journey.  You seem like a very genuine guy.  I’ve also loved seeing how along with your enthusiasm for the Packers, your enthusiasm for your family is even greater.

Great story, Great man.  Wish you nothing but the best buddy.

Thu 10th Feb 11
at 01:59pm

Wayne! What a great vacation to see this huge WIN! Welcome back to the USA. When you going tobe in GB again? tp sell the book?

Thu 10th Feb 11
at 08:49pm

Dude you really get it!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!  I grew up in Wisconsin as a Packer Fan from day one.  My dream as a kid was to be like Ray Nitschke.  I moved away to live with my wife who is Japanese, in Japan.  I’ve followed the Pack from here for the past 25 years, and took a “sick” day from work in 96’ 97’ and 11’ to watch them in the Superbowl. 

Thank you!  Fellow Cheesehead!

Fri 11th Feb 11
at 03:22pm

you lead a charmed life my friend. good on ya.

Sat 12th Feb 11
at 02:36am

So happy reading your story and reconnecting with you through your blog.  Even happier that the Pack won knowing your were there after the heartbreak of 2007.

Wed 23rd Feb 11
at 06:30am

Hello Wayne,

I quite literally stumbled across your site 2 weeks ago. There was an article on my home page about the Australian GB fan that was here for the Super Bowl, along with a link to the site. I have to say, I have read every single blog post, up through this one, and had to take a moment to comment.

First off, a big congratulations to the Packers! And how amazing that you got to experience it live and in person. I can almost imagine your emotional break-down at the end of the game. I had one of those myself once, when after being a die-hard Aerosmith fan for 20 years, I got the chance to meet them and did nothing but sob the entire time!

Second, being from Maryland, I am a die-hard Ravens fan, purple blood and all. I am not sure if you know, but there is quite a bitter rivalry between Baltimore and Pittsburgh. That being said, seeing the Steelers get knocked down a couple pegs by your Packers was super-sweet!

Third and last, I just wanted to say what a beautiful family you have. Your kids are absolutely adorable. And I think your wife may be a saint! You are very blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support.

Take Care,

Wed 23rd Mar 11
at 01:26pm


Glad to see you were in Dallas for the SB and I’m even more glad you provided posts & videos.

Loved your documentary when you were in GB in ‘07 and even happier that you got to accomplish what I someday hope to also...see the Packers in person at the SB

Go Pack Go

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