Three Weeks Back!

Thursday 03rd March 2011
at 01:26am

image It’s impossible for me to beleive that I have been back in Sydney almost 3 weeks now. On one hand, it feels like the Super Bowl was just the other day. On the other though, I have been so busy since my return that it feels like I didn’t take a break at all. Where does the time go?

My first weekend back was like being in Disneyland, it was soooo great to see my wonderful little family again. I think Kel was happy to have an extra set of hands around the house and the boys were happy to get a gift or two from their Dad. As all kids are when their parent(s) come back from vacation. The ensuing two weeks or so have been absolutely flat-out though. You know, the sorts of days where you wonder what the heck is going on in your life! I guess that has to do with the combination of returning from what was a whirlwind trip, completing my website updates and jumping straight back into the deep-end at work.

As a result, for the first time in my life I find myself nodding off much earlier than I ever have. Ha! It’s either that or I’m just getting older and life itself its starting to catch up with me!!! Either way, I’m glad to say that with the posting of my last video and with this one bringing my updates, up-to-date, I can finally sit back and consider just what a crazy ride these last few weeks have been.

The pictures below, I think, best represent our last couple of weeks. From my first day back with cheeseheads and presents, to Sunday just gone walking the esplanade and checking out the beach. It really is the easiest way to tell you all what’s happening. Plus, it’s a great way to bring Kel and the boys back into the fray. You must be sick of the site of me by now!

image image
First day back, boys looking super cool in their new hats and shades!

image image
And thinking my cheesehead is the coolest thing ever!

There’s even gifts for Mummy too. Or was it a shopping list???

Sure, Lego is cool, but check out the shirts!


A family that plays together, scoots together…

image image
Yes, that’s a Badgers hoop that Luc is dropping in to!

image image
Ben after the beach, Ben after hip-hop. Woorrrd!

Beach boys…

Pool boys…

Beach Mum and Dad (To be fair, this is a few weeks old but as I went through all of the latest pics I didn’t have one of Kel and I to post!)

image image
After all the fun and games, there’s still school to get to!

Until of course the weekend comes again and you and your brother get to sit by the beach and check out the swell..... and talk about girls of course. Either that or they’re trying to figure out how far beyond the horizon Green Bay actually is!

So that’s life as we know it. Lot’s of Packer talk, swimming, playing, laughing and all the good stuff, as we say down here. I hope the snow starts disappearing for you all shortly, those of you in Green Bay at least. And I hope that the politics in Wisconsin starts to calm a little too. I’m not even going to consider weighing into it as I have no idea what’s happening and it’d be incredibly naive of me to do so.

What I do know though is that our Green Bay Packers are still Super Bowl Champions and rain, hail or shine - northern hempishere or southern - extreme democrat or liberal, that is something we all have in common!

Will say hello again next week…

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Sun 20th Mar 11
at 11:33am

I love your pictures.  Thanks for sharing.  Fun to read your posts.

Wed 23rd Mar 11
at 02:06pm

Awww, beautiful family as always!

Wed 30th Mar 11
at 10:26pm

Brita, Colin, thank you. I’m sorry they’ve slowed down recently. I guess that happens in the off-season.

Can’t wait for the new one to begin!

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