Update 11 Feb 5pm

Saturday 12th February 2011
at 08:36am

image And boy do I have some updating to do! (11 Feb 5pm is Green Bay time by the way.) For those of you not on Facebook, I can happily report that I made it safely home yesterday around lunchtime (in Sydney). That means that I have been back in the ‘land down under’, with my beautiful family, for approximately 21 hours.

By the way, I’m not sure if i mentioned whilst I was there (I’m sure I did) but the reason for my sporadic updates and lack of email and comment responses is that I couldn’t have a data connection added to my cell phone plan whilst I was there. Apparently AT&T don’t allow that via an iPhone when you’re a ‘prepaid’ user. That meant that if I wasn’t sitting in my hotel room or somewhere that provided free WiFi, like Starbucks or Maccas, I had no connection to the internet! Crazy in this day and age I know. 

So far as updates go, I am about halfway through my Super Bowl Video. I’d have completed it on the plane though my laptop battery doesn’t tend to hold up to my demands very well these days. Plus, as i alluded to earlier, these videos take several hours to put together. Then there’s an hour or so for it to actually ‘publish’ itself into a movie and another hour in uploading it onto YouTube.

I also have updates leaving Dallas and getting to Green Bay via Milwaukee, the ‘Return to Tilteltown parade itself and of course, the journey home. All of which will have a video of their own.

That means, that despite the season being over I still have plenty to do and I’m really looking forward to doing it. Make sure you stay tuned over the next week as I get it all done. And, if you haven’t tagged me on Facebook yet, make sure you do. It’s the easiest way to shoot a quick update out to let you know where I’m at.

As of right now, I have just completed one of two awesome Lego sets the boys were lucky enough to receive as welcome home gifts. They’re happily playing as I type this as quickly as possible. (Lego is like half price in the US compared to here!) I’m about to start the second set as we watch SpongeBob Square Pants on the telly and enjoy each others company. IIt’s amazing how quickly little ones seem to change when you don’t see them for a week. I also have my bags to finish unpacking and alot of household chores to get onto so my darling better half, who has had to do everything on her own for a week, can take a well earned break.

It’s great to be home. With a great big hug from my wife, giggles from our boys as they play with their toys and great friends to have a coffee with, there’s no place in the world I’d rather be.

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Sat 12th Feb 11
at 10:29am

Hi Wayne & Kelly!!
So glad you made it home safe and sound. How’s your cold? When you left Green Bay on Wednesday, I was a bit worried about you making that long flight home under the weather. It was so good to spend some time with you, only wish Kelly and the boys could have made the trip with you. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures and see the updated pictures on the website. Take care and hugs all around!
Take care,
Kathy, Tom, Tyler and Kate grin

Sat 12th Feb 11
at 03:57pm

Trip of a lifetime.

Next year if Aaron stays healthy, I reckon we might be back there.

Thanks to your blog, I’m going to move heaven and earth to witness it.

Sun 13th Feb 11
at 10:44am

Yeah if there is a next year. They need to get the CBA done so there will be football.

Mon 14th Feb 11
at 01:46pm

Kathy, thank you again, so much. 22 hours just wasn’t enough. And I can assure you, next time I’ll have my much better halves with me. Your husband is a wonderful shopper by the way…

Mon 14th Feb 11
at 01:49pm

Braithy, thanks mate, perhaps you can blog and I can sit back and watch your story instead of creating another of my own!

Grant, got everything crossed dude. I can’t imagine them locking-out in this day and age…

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