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Tuesday 15th February 2011
at 08:03am

After a weekend and 2 good nights of sleep I can happily say I feel like I’m back in the land of the living. 

Tonight I’m going to update my decision to head to Green Bay after the game, the ‘Return to Titletown’ parade and of course my journey home. I desperately want to bring all of this up to date so I can start updating you on things as they happen grin

Hoping you’re all we’ll and staying as warm as you can. Saw it was 37 there yesterday. Woohoo!

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Tue 15th Feb 11
at 01:45pm

hey Wayno! - Monday 2/14 - 65 F, bright and sunny in Richmond!  lol!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Send my love all around!

Tue 15th Feb 11
at 08:33pm

We arrived home on Sunday also (Dallas/Seattle/San Fran/Sydney) What a week !!
We are back to the USA in November, hoping to catch a game during our stay.

Wed 16th Feb 11
at 01:16am

I’m surprised to see so many Aussie fans posting here.  Did Wayne convert many of you?  Or do the Australia contingent of Packer Fans all stick together.

Anyhow, Wayne:  Just want to say congrats on your trip, and your story just keeps getting better and better.

Must be nice to get back home.  You know, my sons are about your boys’ ages… We must be diligent in raising the next generation of Packer fans.

Wed 16th Feb 11
at 06:06am

Dave - we met Wayne for the first time at the Super bowl. I knew of this site and his 2007 adventure, but had no contact.
My husband has been a Packer Backer since 1977, his mate at school did an exchange student thing to Green Bay, so when he returned he told my husband about the game and the town, so he decided to follow them.
I surprised him for our 20th wedding anniversary a trip to Lambo for a home game in 2004. So when the opportunity to see them at the Super bowl came up.... well you just have to go.
Like the title of this blog… Its a once in a life time opportunity.
Another tick off the bucket list.

Wed 16th Feb 11
at 06:19am

Thank you Belinda.  I guess I am still kind of surprised that American Football has any following overseas.  I hope you found the US pleasant and the people in Green Bay friendly.

But as Wayne once said, if you are overseas and you could pick any team to support, it SHOULD be the Packers.  No question about it.

I recently found another good explanation why:


Wed 16th Feb 11
at 07:58am

Ha! Thanks Tezza, I’m suremost would take Richmond’s weatherover Green Bay’s anyday!

Belinda, great to hear from you, thanks for the pics and the Facebook look-up. I’ll message you properly once I’m up to date.

Dave, love the comments mate. Thanks again. You’d be surprised to know just how many Packers fans are out there. Outside of the US I mean. This site has views from 71 different countries. I’ll do sometning about that one day!

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