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Tuesday 01st February 2011
at 09:07pm

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So we’ve had some fun and loaded a ton of video onto YouTube. As you’ll see, my film making skills aren’t great but they’re getting better as time goes on. So far, there’s a summary of each week of the 2007 season loaded. Just click on the “play” icon twice and it’ll start.

This isn’t even 5% of the film we have taken but it’s a good start!.

Super Bowl XLV 7/7 - Home to Sydney

Super Bowl XLV 6/7 - Return to Titletown

Super Bowl XLV 5/7 - Game Day

Super Bowl XLV 4/7 - 1st Day in Dallas

Super Bowl XLV 3/7 - En Route to Dallas

Super Bowl XLV 2/7 - 1 Day to Departure

Super Bowl XLV 1/7 - 2 Days to Departure

The Once in a Lifetime Fan, Inside the NFL Feature

The Once in a Lifetime Fan, ESPN Feature

Our Trip Home 2008

NFC Championship Game 2008 vs New York Giants

NFC Divisional Playoff Game 2008 vs Seattle Seahawks

Week 17 2007 vs Detroit Lions

Week 16 2007 @ Chicago Bears

Week 15 2007 @ St Louis Rams

Week 14 2007 vs Oakland Raiders

Week 13 2007 @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 12 2007 - Lions and Thanksgiving

Week 11 2007 vs Carolina Panthers

Week 10 2007 vs Minnesota Vikings

Week 9 2007 @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 8 2007 @ Denver Broncos

Week 7 2007 - Bye, UW Badgers vs Nthn Illinois

Week 6 2007 vs Wahington Redskins

Week 5 2007 vs Chicago Bears

Coming. I’m trying to incorporate a few different clips into this one still

Week 4 2007 @ Minnesota Vikings

Week 3 2007 vs San Diego Chargers

Week 2 2007 @ New York Giants

Week 1 2007 vs Philadelphia Eagles

Introduction 2007

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Mon 29th Oct 07
at 11:52am

Nice Job.  You can see your skill set evolving as you do more of them.  It would be nice touch as you go along to do maybe 2 videos a week.  One football related and the other 2-3 min on the family and your adventure or keep blending them in.  Always great to see life in WI and GB through your new eyes.  I lived almost my entire 35 yrs in WI (6 in Minnesota which I am still getting therapy for - just kidding).  Nothing like NE WI to call home compared to other places in the US where you could live.  Cheers Mate


Mon 29th Oct 07
at 08:02pm

Unbelievable, I truly admire you for doing this as I have ran similar thoughts in my mind for a couple of years. I live in Sweden and I would do anything to experience what you are experiencing.
Good luck to you and your family in Titletown.

Mon 29th Oct 07
at 10:14pm

G’day!  I was born and raised a Packer fan from Wisconsin and now live across the border. Not easy being “green” in a purple (MN) state, but I still go back once a year for a game. We’re coming to the Panther game Nov. 18 and would love to say hello - though always crazy at Lambeau, especially during tailgating time. When our children were young, my husband and I wanted to move to Australia, but didn’t. A job is never worth sacrificing for a dream. Enjoy yourself and if you’re ever back in Minnesota, get in touch.

Tue 30th Oct 07
at 01:19am

I’m a Packer girl, born & bred. Grew up in Wisconsin, and lived in Green Bay for a couple of years before moving to Sweden. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog and watching your videos, which, if the truth be told, are making me very homesick. Enjoy your time and I’ll be looking for you tonight on Monday Night Football. I’ll be up at 1:30am to watch.

Tue 30th Oct 07
at 12:31pm

Hey mate,

Green Bay v Denver is on Foxtel in Australia tonight on ESPN - I’ll be tuning in to see if I can get a glimpse of you pal!

The You Tube addition to the site is brilliant by the way - cant wait to show Rach....

Wed 31st Oct 07
at 02:01am

Wayne - terrific job and wonderful experience for you to share.  It will make a great book someday - and I will buy it.  Your wife should be canonized after this is over for jumping in with your dream.

Go Pack!!

Tom , Kansas City

Wed 31st Oct 07
at 03:37am

Hello Mate,
A local news channel ran a story last night about you and your family coming to Green Bay to live for a year so you could live out your dream.  It was nicely done.  It inspired me to tell you how much I admire you for actually doing what it is you are doing.  I’d be willing to bet that the majority of us would not have the courage to dream - and see through that dream - something so dramatic that requires us to give up our job and our house.
I live in Plymouth, Wisconsin which is about 50 miles south of Green Bay and of course I am a Packer fan.  I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to you and your family and I truly hope that this year will turn out to be more than you possibly dreamed.  Who knows, maybe in the end, you’ll consider permanent residency.  Good luck to you and your book.
PS.  I hope that you were at last night’s game.....That is what it is all about…

Robert & Sue

Tue 06th Nov 07
at 06:02am

Wayne - My wife and I met you in KC yesterday (11/5) while we were visiting for our anniversary trip to see the Packers. It was a pleasure hearing your story. It truly is an inspiration to anyone who talks about it but never does it. We’ll be on the loookout for your book.

Best regards,
Robert & Susan Mann
Atlanta, Georgia

Sat 19th Jan 08
at 05:56am

gudday mate,

I am the most envious person in the world right now. I took my wife to Lambeau on our honeymoon last year to watch the Pack and Brett play so i have a wee bit of an insight of what you are experiencing.
Congrats on what you are doing and will try to look you up in Phoenix if the Pack make it to the superbowl in a couple of weeks and my plans to make the trip over come together.
Craig Millar
Christchurch, New Zealand

David Wimble

Mon 28th Jan 08
at 09:22am

im the real aussie born and grew up in sydney,Australia packer fans! ive support for 15 years… people called me packers cos i got 6 packs when i was younger so i found out green bay got name packers and same colour as australia colour so i support it ever since ,sadly green bay didnt made to super bowl .. good on you aussie wayne!!  next time bring me there with you if you got spare tickets ill save up money now!!!!
best wishes of packers
David and sharon Wimble and 4 kids
Happy Australia’s day (26 Jan)

Mon 04th Feb 08
at 10:01am

Hi Wayne,

Mate fantastic site! Reubs got me onto the site and I tell you what. This is a fantastic site! More more more! Great to see you following a “true” dream. Well done mate!
Barnesy, Sydney Austraia

NFl Electric football

Sun 20th Jul 08
at 06:34am

Great site… I’ve added you up on youtube. Looking forward to some more great fan videos..!

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