YT SBXLV 1 Introduction

Wednesday 02nd February 2011
at 03:33am

Welcome to the first new video in 3 years!

So this is 2 days prior to departure, outside of the Sydney Harbour Bridge no less and it serves as an introduction to the trip to Dallas. Enjoy… Oh, and be sure to hit and subscribe to see all of the videos that I upload.

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Wed 02nd Feb 11
at 06:58am

I have to think the weather is putting a wrench in your travel plans.  What a time for Dallas to get this type of weather!  I am reading reports that fans are having problems getting to Dallas.  Probably easier getting around Green Bay than Dallas right now - who would’ve guessed that?

Here in the Milwaukee area we are in the middle of two days worth of snow (blizzard conditions tomorrow). 

I wish you safety and good luck traveling, and I hope you can get into the big game.  I’ll be watching with my family.

All this has done was re-hash all the feelings I had with your 2007 story (tears as well).  Now you definitely have to go ahead and write that book!


Wed 02nd Feb 11
at 01:59pm

Awesome video.  Hey, I stood at the same spot you shot your video only a few months ago.  Good luck with your travels and I hope you can get in to see the game.  Regardless, I will enjoy following your journey.

Wed 02nd Feb 11
at 10:16pm

Good Luck Wayno!
Have a Killer time for all us Packer fans still in Australia!  I will be home all day with the game!  Have a great ride and tell those dam Cowgirls who America’s team is!

Fri 04th Feb 11
at 03:29am

Hey Mate...IT is very very cold in Dallas! Ice on the ground...hoping it clears for the game! Have fun be safe…
S. Fl (Boca Raton) here! GO PACK GO...PS THE “G” stands for GREATNESS!

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