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Wednesday 02nd March 2011
at 09:38am

G’day, introducing my final Super Bowl XLV video..... (sad face), documenting my journey from Green Bay back to sunny Sydney Australia. I’m not sure why it took so darn long to put together but I’ve got to say I’m relieved it finally is. At least now I can get back to regular text and picture updates..... they’re easy!

The format this time is a little different, I’ve thrown myself in between some of the clips by way of an introduction, or catch-up, depending on how you view it. It seemed that in some cases, there was quite a gap between videos. This, I must say, was my best attempt to piece it all together!

Hope you enjoy it… (on the ‘read more’ link)

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Wed 02nd Mar 11
at 11:52pm

Hey Wayno!  Great video - and great to see Miss Kelly!  Many thanks for the shoutout!  (LOL!) Oh, how i do wish we were still in GB if only for being able to see you.  (sigh)
Job well done!
love to all!

Thu 03rd Mar 11
at 01:21am

Tez, thank you for your shout back. And thank you for your email this morning. Will respond shortly to ask a quetion or two????

Oh, and how we wish you were there too.

Love to Robbo…

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