YT Return to Titletown

Thursday 24th February 2011
at 10:23pm

What a hair-brained idea it was. Get out of bed and book a flight to Dallas ‘cause the Packers have just beaten the Bears. Get to Dallas and trapse around town trying to find a ticket to the Super Bowl. Get into the Super Bowl and watch the Packers win. Get back to the hotel and book a flight to Milwaukee. Fly into Milwaukee and pick up a hire-car for the drive to Green Bay. Attend the ‘Return to Titletown’ parade on Tuesday Feb 8th 2011.

(Video available on ‘read more’ link.)

I know it sounds completely out of this world… but I did it. And yes, it still seems crazy, even to me! Hope you enjoy the extreme cold and the atmosphere in Lambeau Field when the Packers return as Champions once more.

I know I did!

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Fri 25th Feb 11
at 02:05am

Nice job Wayne! You captured the thrill of the event for everyone that wasn’t able to be there...and you brought back chills (literally) for those of us that were there. Thanks for making it a special day by having you to share it with!
Kathy,Tyler,Kate (and Tom too who had to work it)

Fri 25th Feb 11
at 09:39pm

Way to go Wayno!
I still can’t believe you did it all Dude!
You really are the once in a lifetime fan of the Green Bay Packers.  I mean I’m a fan because I grew up in it, my uncle was the oldest living season ticket holder for the Packers for like 20 years and my Dad and my other Uncles would always bring out the old slides of the Great Lombardi era everytime we watch the Packers lose horribly in the 70s and early 80’s.  But for you to fall in love with the Packers and do what you did not even living in the same country as that team,and following a sport not many Ozzies even follow that is real dedication and what a TRUE fan really is.
I’d love to head down to a pub sometime here in Sydney and get the full story of what it was like for you mate.  I bet word will never describe what you have seen following the Pack around all these years.  I am really interested in how you got a ticket to the SB though?
Cheers and Beers.
Go Pack Go
Paul Nick
Marrickville, NSW

Sun 27th Feb 11
at 02:41am

Wayne, the video is awesome.  Thanks.  I could keep on watching the Green Bay Super Bowl highlites over and over and over.

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