YT SBXLV 4 1st Dallas Day

Sunday 06th February 2011
at 04:26am

Another day, another video, this time with the sights and sounds of Packer fans in Dallas. Today I braved the snow again, something alot of Texans were too afraid to do, did some shopping and found myself at quite a boisterous Packer Fan rally in the evening. It was a great day. Oh, and can anyone say ticket? You’ll see.....

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Sun 06th Feb 11
at 07:10am

Hi Wayne---my husband Nate & I met you at Starbucks in Irving, Tx.  It’s good to see such enthusiasm from an aussie over GB!  GO PACKERS!!!  I’ve enjoyed your video clips.  You get around DFW quite well!

Sun 13th Feb 11
at 12:04pm

Hey Wayne. I read about you in the NY Times. Glad you enjoyed the game. Thanks for the thank you on your website. take care. You have a beautiful family. Thomas

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