YT SBXLV 5 Game Day!

Sunday 13th February 2011
at 08:52pm

(Video available on the ‘read more’ link)

“This is what we’ve trained all year for"… Is what they’d have been saying in the locker room this morning. As for me, I can say “This is why I travelled all the way here”. It’s game day today so I hope you enjoy this extra special video. A few words of warning:

1. It’s a long one. I shortened it by almost 7 minutes but it still heads north of 12 minutes.

2. It’s kind of loud. So too was the stadium though so that was hard to avoid. Just make sure your speakers are ready for it

3. At times it’s a little choppy, I hope that adds to the experience in some respects.

Plenty more to come but I am happy to have this one out from under my belt.  It’s been the biggest job so far!

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Sun 13th Feb 11
at 09:51pm

Friggin awesome mate. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

Sun 13th Feb 11
at 11:59pm

happy as larry

Mon 14th Feb 11
at 11:32am

AWESOME Wayno!!  Loved it! 
Good on ya!

Mon 14th Feb 11
at 01:19pm

Great Video Wayne.  I can’t believe it has already been a week since we were celebrating a Packers Championship.  Keep up the good work, and glad to know you made it home safe.


Mon 14th Feb 11
at 01:43pm

Thanks guys. It may have been one of the toughest to put together but it’s definantely one of my favourites!

Mon 14th Feb 11
at 07:31pm

Brilliant, I’m so jealous!

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Mon 14th Feb 11
at 09:48pm

Great job Wayne! I’m so happy for you that you got to be there! Thank you for sharing your experience with those of us that couldn’t get to Dallas!!

Mon 14th Feb 11
at 10:59pm

Well done and thanks again for sharing your videos and making what was a great 6 weeks even better.

Tue 01st Mar 11
at 06:04am

Your video was totally awesome !!!!
Hard to come down after that high yet.
Glad you got home ok.

I was wandering if you wrote the book after the 2007 sesaon & your adventures with the team ???

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