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Is our story really any different to yours? OK, so we travelled half the world to see the Packers play but what have you done that’s worth telling the world about?

Let us and anybody else that stops by this page know to what lengths you’ve gone to to see your team, that’s right, doesn’t have to be the Packers, play. Have weddings, anniversaries or birthdays ever dared get in the way of your weekly sports fix? There’s a game of something being played, somewhere in the world every second of every day and sure, the actual players contribute somewhat i guess. But without the fans does anybody care? If your entire team didn’t turn up tomorrow there’d be a million other people prepared to suit up and take their place. If the fans didn’t turn up there’s still be a game right. But would there be one the following week?

Tell us what you’ve done that is so crazy people wouldn’t beleive it unless you told them:

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Mon 10th Sep 07
at 11:11am

The 1987 NFL season was the 68th regular season of the National Football League. A 24-day players’ strike reduced the 16-game season to 15. The games that were scheduled for the third week of the season were canceled, but in typical Packer-fan fashion, we all showed up to the stadium anyway and had one great tailgate party complete with live bands, national media and all else that gave us our fine reputation!  (I have a few photo’s from that day somewhere!  By the way, “Us” now includes YOU, this years ultimate Packer fans!!)

Hope you enjoyed the opener today and congrats on finally feeling the “electricity” of game-day, something one can never explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it!!!  If you get a bit of free time during your visit get in touch with me for a tour of some of the cities’ more obscure Packer historical sights!  I’m sure you’ve had plenty of offers already!

Welcome home!

Tue 11th Sep 07
at 09:52am

My Grandfather, Reginald McGuire,deceased, passed the hat at the old stadium in east Green Bay.  He had 5 sons, Robert McGuire, my father, and Bill, Jim, Micheal, and Tom McGuire who ushered all of the old-time football games.  The only game that my father, Robert missed was a snowy January in 1969? when another sibling was being born.  My father and grandfather met Lombardi, Bart Starr, and Forrest Gregg. 
My brother Dennis and I, (Julie), delivered the Milwaulkee Sentinenial to Bart Star in DePere.  I and my brothers played tennis at Bart Starr’s home on Summer Range Drive.  So did I1

Bart Starr’s hands were very big.  His wife Cherry or Sherry was the most beautiful woman and so sincere.

If you want to eat here, Kroll’s Cheeseburgers and onion rings are great.
Chili John’s Chili on Military Ave. is even better.  Make sure to sprinkle the apple cider bottle before you throw in a bunch of oyster crackers.


Tue 11th Sep 07
at 02:23pm

On a much smaller scale and distance, I recently quit my job and took my savings to queue it up to eat Strawberries and Cream at Wimbledon, run with the bulls in Pamplona, see guys not named Lance Armstrong ride a leg of the Tour de France and Sergio Garcia and Padraig Harrington battle out the British Open in a playoff. 

Taking the chances when you have them makes it all worthwhile no matter how many times the Spaniards rob you!

Wed 12th Sep 07
at 09:25am

I cannot believe you guys traveled across the world for this!! You sold your house!? You’re going to all the games? What are you gonna do when the season’s over??!!! WOW

Sat 15th Sep 07
at 01:38am

Nothinng wild, but this shows the lengths Packer fans will go to follow their team:
1.  Jan. 12, 1997 NFC Championship game vs. Carolina and also my wife’s birthday.  She knew what she was getting into when she married me but I think she was a little suprised when I chose the first title game in Lambeau in a looooong time over her special day.  I love you honey, but you have a birthday every year.  Only a death in the family (nearly mine) would keep me from attending.
2.  Jan. 13, 2002 (why are these games always so near my wife’s birthday!?!?) Promising not to leave her alone on her special day, my friends left without me on Friday eveneing for a Saturday playoff game.  I got up at 3.30am, drove an hour to catch a ride to GB, rode 3 hours, tailgated, attended the game, tailgated post-game, drove home with my buddies and was in bed by 9.30pm.  450 round-trip miles and a playoff victory in 18 hours.

Sun 16th Sep 07
at 09:51am

Hi Wayne and family!!
You are awesome.  I am a Wisconsin native living in Sydney, Australia.  We have been on the lookout for Packers fans here, and my brother in Milwaukee shared your story with us.  I will be back for the Dec. 30 game.  Let’s get together when you return to Sydney


Sun 16th Sep 07
at 04:49pm

Hi! I’m so impressed with what you have done to see the “pack!” Last summer, I took my son to Green Bay for 6 glorious days. My son has a Mitochondrial disease, that’s progressive, will eventually end in his
death. He loves the packers. I met a friend who lives just outside of Green
Bay. She and her son both have the same
disease my son has. It was always his
dream to see his beloved Packers. Thanks to my friend, and my loving husband who allowed me to spend scarce funds, we made it for their last pre season game. The weather was perfect,and my friend GAVE us tickets to the game! It was soooo awesome, and
a trip my son and I will never forget.
We live in California, so we will probably never get to go again. I admire you for what you are doing, and living your dream! In the town we live
in, Aaron Rogers is from this town, and went to school with my son! Some day, we hope that Ted can meet him! So.. Have an awesome time! You can do it!

Susanne McMorrow

Wed 26th Sep 07
at 01:32am

I took my little brother Bernie to the Packer -Lions game to watch Barry Sanders at Lambeau on a cold December 22, 1990 game, a day after my birthday to celebrate.  It was brutally cold so cold that it was I think the 3rd coldest game in Packer history behind the Ice Bowl.  Found the excerpt to be exact – “The temperature at kickoff on that occasion, according to the Green Bay Weather Bureau, was a brisk 2.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which remains the third-coldest kickoff reading in team history.”

The wind chill, however, made it feel even colder for the 46,700 fans in the stands. Depending on the wind’s changeable velocity, it read between 20 and 30 bone-chilling degrees below zero during the course of the afternoon.

On the metal bleachers he dropped his hot chocolate in the 3rd quarter and I kid you not it crystallized and blew away in the 4th quarter it was that cold.  There were a ton of fans still there right up to the end - only Cheeseheads cold put up with that kind of cold to see the Green & Gold.  The Green and Gold ultimately fell victim to the Detroit forces, 24-17.

Wayne, may you never have to experience the pain of frost bite or the 30 min of back spasms from the cold to try to warm yourself this season.  Take care and enjoy the game and send our warm welcome to the family to the Frozen Tundra.

Tue 02nd Oct 07
at 01:27am

Hey Mate

Good on ya! I am also from Sydney and had many many years ago hit the road to travel. I ended up in Ottawa, Canada. I listen to Live 88.5 as well. Although I still don’t like the cold, I do love the city.  If my boys have anything to say about it we will someday move back to Oz. They have loads of family they haven’t yet met. My husband would also be on board for the move.

Anyway, good luck and enjoy the time with your boys, they grow up so quickly.


Tue 02nd Oct 07
at 03:29am

I’ve lived in Green Bay most of my life.  I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with an Australian named Angela.  She lives in Mt. Barker, Australia.  One day she called me upset because a friend called her Green Bay friends “Cheeseheads”.  I informed her that indeed, Packer fans do get referred to as “Cheeseheads” and it is not a degrading remark.  She has since become a “Cheesehead” herself.  She wears her Green Bay Packer apparel while in Australia and gets stopped often by people wanting to know more about the Packers.  It is wonderful to know there are fans everywhere that share the same love for the team as we do in Green Bay.

Wed 03rd Oct 07
at 09:36pm

Hi Wayne and Kellie,

It’s great that everything is working out well - Kellie your Mum and Dad are so proud and excited!!!! But Kellie, our cats don’t really get along yet....

Hey I’ve solved the dilemma of where you will go when you get back...why don’t you guys have our house for a year when you get back while I take off on my once in a lifetime go to England for a year, Scarbrough to be exact - I want to teach primary school there and Paul, well he can work as a nurse, then I would love to take the girls to I just need to convince the husband and save $$$...if only!!!!

Anyway Montana is currently on her once in lifetime dream with her aunty...she is in Denmark, having been to Japan and Switzerland in the last 2 weeks and is off to Scarbrough, England next week and she is only 9! and the only one in family with a passport!

Anyway Wayne, you need to give me tips on how to convince the other half to pack up and go....

Enjoy your once in a life time trip and don’t worry kellie, by the time you get back I am sure the cats will be best buds!

Tracy (Mum’s Neighbour)

Sun 21st Oct 07
at 01:39pm

I met Wayne & Kelly at the Wisconsin Badgers game today!!!!
What a great couple!!!!!
Enjoy the country Kelly & enjoy the football Wayne.
GO PACKERS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun 28th Oct 07
at 04:03am

this is an awesome story what a great and understanding wife you have!!! We are making the trip to kanas city also would love to meet you guys! email me and let me know we know all the good spots in KC> If it dont happen you have a great time here congrats on your trip and GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Moscarelli

Sun 28th Oct 07
at 07:53am

Wayne, Hello from Madrid. Way to Go! Kelly and you deserve Big High Fives, to bite the bullet and bail to America’s Awesome Dairyland.

I went to the Univ. of WI-Madison because my Australian Uncle (From Mt. Waverly, Victoria)was a Professor there.

It’s time to get to Chicago, Wayne!!!!

With every best wish for you,
Steve, Raquel, Nick and Matt Moscarelli
Madrid, Spain

Tue 30th Oct 07
at 05:41am

It hasn’t happened yet, due to a shortage of funds, but one day my husband and I (we were married in May 07), will take our REAL honeymoon - to Dallas - to watch OUR Dallas Cowboys.  I can’t imagine anything better than that!!!!!
: )

Tue 30th Oct 07
at 10:27am

A warm welcome to Wisconsin. You’ve noted the high percentage of nice people here… and it’s true, that’s the way it is here. I’ve moved some myself, 22 states, and I’ve learned about the nice folks here… the Wisconsin difference.

I hope you enjoy your stay, enjoy the snow, and take the warm fellowship back to Australia with you. Safe travels, and enjoy your stay!

Tue 30th Oct 07
at 10:32am

My dad absolutly loves the packers.  You should hear him on game day.  I am a Packers fan myself.  Packers and Bears, the biggest rivals!  Our motto in this house is “there are only 2 teams, the packers and the patriots! We support the packers because my dad is from elkhorn.  We support the patriots because my mom is from Massachusetts.  I don’t think her family would care though because they are more into baseball.  The team there is the Red Sox.  I think the packers like the fact that they have such a devoted fan!  I hope you find a job and succeed in life.  GO PACKERS!

Tue 30th Oct 07
at 01:44pm

Hi guys from Melbourne Australia. I’m also an NFL fan and was in the US a couple of weeks back to see a college game and an NFL game (not the Packers unfortunately). I got interested a few years back when in San Francisco on holiday I saw people walking around with cheeseheads! Came back to Australia and started watching american football on cable TV to see what all the fuss was about Brett Favre. Have fun!

Wed 31st Oct 07
at 03:53pm


I picked your story up in Australia.. Brisbane Courier Mail.... I have sent a letter to the editor today to promote your site....

Mate how good is your story.... How good is the Mrs for letting you live your dream… has she get a sister as understanding , i ‘ve get many mates that can’t get off once a year to go on a fishing trip to Fraser Island Queensland....I will be emailing your story to them.

I will keep following your site


Guy Davis
Brisbane Australia

Thu 01st Nov 07
at 09:03am

I was watching a Packer’s game against the Vikings, and Brett Favre was one touchdown pass from breaking the record.  He needed this touchdown to be made to get into the Hall of Fame.  I watched as he went back, and that football just flew from his hands like a bullet from a gun.  Greg Jennings caught it, and ran it in for a touchdown.  I just kind of stared at the tv, almost in disbelief.  Favre didn’t even look to see if he had made it.  He had broken Dan Marino’s record.

Thu 01st Nov 07
at 02:15pm

Well Greetings,

Like everyone else, I would like to say congradulations on making your dream come true.  Whether it be following a sports team (which I could NOT think of a better team to follow) or merely traveling, I think it is great.  Life is short and keeps getting shorter.  Maybe your energy and ambition is literally rubbing off on the Pack this season.  I am writing this as the Pack is sitting at 6-1 atop the NFC, and boy did I not see that comming!! 

I was going to tell your wife that she is absolutely great for supporting your husbands dream, however I will have to say that by the sounds of it, you would, and probably will, do the same for your wife.  Like you said, it is not so much about following the Pack, but about fulfilling a dream and throwing inhibitions out the window.  Good Luck to you all, and drop an e-mail if you ever plan on comming to Fond du Lac, (a mere 1.5 hours away) I would love to take the four of you bowling, on me!!!  The kids would love it!  Good Luck, and may your path be enlightened with grace and love.

Thu 01st Nov 07
at 04:09pm

hello from Brisbane! I am from Wisconsin and bleed green and gold like you do! Last weeks game was on ESPN, so I was able to watch and bit my nails just as you did! What a game!! I am so glad I was able to watch it! I am in Australia for the second time for six months a pop, because my fiance is an Aussie. We are getting married in July, in no other place but Lambeau!! I just wanted to say how extremely touching your story was and how cool I think it is you are having this adventure! My fiance and I met in London and I took the huge chance on coming to Australia, it paid off big time. I hope (and know), that Green Bay is being very kind to you and your family! Tell you wife that I understand the whole scary driving thing, I won’t drive here either!! I am glad you got to experience an American Halloween, it’s the greatest!
When do you plan on coming back to Australia? My parents have season tickets and are up there the day before every game, maybe you guys could meet up for a tailgate, they would LOVE to have you join them! Let me know!! GO PACK GO!!!

Fri 02nd Nov 07
at 03:32am

Cool thing you are doing there mate. Hope you all have fun and it all works out for you. I have lots of friends in Oz, old Ducati motorcycles and I am on a chat list. I also make Ducati belt buckles and have about 500 of them in Oz. I have been there twice to visit, Syndey and Canberra the first time. National Rally in Canberra in 2000. And back to Brisbane/Mackay and then down to Hobart 3 years ago. My friend was a little puzzled when I spent time on his computer looking at the results of the games on the last day of the season. Arizona had to beat Minnesota to get in and Arizona did a miracle come back in the last seconds to win. Aussies on the list can’t understand American Football. You sure picked a good year to do this Once in a Lifetime Thing, Go Packers!!. Cheers Tom Rolland

Mon 05th Nov 07
at 10:55am

I applaud your passion! Anyone that can’t appreciate your story obviously is either a Bears or Vikings fan wink
You definitely seem to be our good luck charm this season!
GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Packer Geek

Fri 09th Nov 07
at 06:31am

Fantastic story!  We’re going to post on this tomorrow at our blog:

Here’s another story:

It’s Not Easy Being Green Bay
by Stephen F. Hayes

THE DRIVE FROM DOOR COUNTY, Wisconsin, where I am vacationing, to Green Bay takes about an hour. The trip is an early morning blur of taverns, cows, gas station-cheese shops, red barns, and lots of church signs. The Holy Name of Mary advertises its “Polka Mass.” And in case the Devil himself cruises Highway 57, the deacons of another chapel have a message for him: “Satan, You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.”

Lucifer is nowhere to be found at 8:15 A.M. on this steamy mid-August weekday in Green Bay, although one person standing across from Lambeau Field is wearing a Chicago Bears T-shirt. Four thousand “railbirds” are vying for a view of the crisply mowed field on the other side of the chain-link fence. Ten minutes later, the police shut down a traffic lane on Oneida Street, because the fans--now ten-deep--are spilling over the curb.

It is a cliche to say that Green Bay Packers football is an obsession. It’s also an understatement. The thousands of fans aren’t here to watch a championship game. Or a regular season game. Or even a scrimmage. They’re here for a morning session of preseason practice.

These workouts sometimes draw more fans than you’d find at a Florida Marlins home game. The Packers are expected to do well this year, but fans showed up in similar numbers throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, when their quarterbacks threw like girls, and wins were as rare as a pregame tailgate without brats or beer.

Around 8:30 A.M., offensive guard Kevin Barry, who weighs at least 325 pounds, comes pedaling around a row of cars in the Lambeau Field parking lot. His legs splay out to the sides and his 6’4” frame overwhelms the tiny dirt bike beneath him like a circus clown on a tricycle. Standing on pegs extending out from the back axle is a little boy of six or seven years. The kid has his arms around Barry’s neck--actually halfway around, because that’s as far as his arms will reach. He is wearing Barry’s oversized helmet, and as Barry navigates a curb, the little boy looks remarkably like a real-life bobble-head doll.

This is how most Packers travel the two blocks from their locker room to the practice field. Local kids line up--sometimes hours in advance--for the privilege of having a Packer borrow their bike. Moments later, Brett Favre, the league’s only three-time MVP, rounds the corner enveloped in a running throng of several hundred kids, many of whom are trying to pat him on the back as he rides.

I can identify. Before I was two years old--not a misprint--I could recite the names and numbers of the Packers’ entire starting defense. My dad had me perform this trick anytime someone new came to the house. I loved the attention and accolades that came with each recitation. I’d grab random passers-by at the grocery store and regale them with my knowledge. It was a hit, so I began using this ruse anytime I was in a rough spot. If I didn’t want to eat my veggies, I’d begin listing the defensive line. It’s almost a reflex. Even now, I screw up, and then it’s “Jim Carter, Charlie Hall, . . .”

For some fans, training camp may be their only chance to see the Packers in the flesh. Although Lambeau Field can seat more than half the population of Green Bay, the waiting list for season tickets is 60 years long. This leads Packers fans to go to ridiculous, sometimes unhealthy, lengths to get tickets.

In January 1997, I flew to Green Bay from Washington to see the Packers play the Carolina Panthers for the NFC Championship. The wind-chill factor was thirty below zero. I wandered around the parking lot from 8 A.M. until noon, offering $350 for one ticket. While I managed several free beers, no one would part with a ticket. I watched the game at a nearby friend’s house with something near $350 worth of Pabst and pizza. (An aside to Packers fans reading that last paragraph: I know you’re wondering what, exactly, were the ridiculous lengths I went to for the tickets. I wore my old moon boots in public.)

Even today, I’ll abandon longheld principles just to satisfy my Packers urges. Today I am committing press pass abuse. There’s no actual professional reason for my presence. But with some persistence, I’ve managed to finagle on-field credentials. This is the highlight of my journalism career.

There are limits, though, to what I’ll do to sate my appetite for all things Packers. I wouldn’t pay more than $5,000 for a Super Bowl ticket. I wouldn’t fly to Japan just to see the Packers, should they ever play the annual preseason opener there.

And I would never write an embarrassing article detailing my obsession on the off-chance that a fellow junkie might read the piece and offer, say, tickets to the Packers-Jets game in New York on December 29.

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