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Is our story really any different to yours? OK, so we travelled half the world to see the Packers play but what have you done that’s worth telling the world about?

Let us and anybody else that stops by this page know to what lengths you’ve gone to to see your team, that’s right, doesn’t have to be the Packers, play. Have weddings, anniversaries or birthdays ever dared get in the way of your weekly sports fix? There’s a game of something being played, somewhere in the world every second of every day and sure, the actual players contribute somewhat i guess. But without the fans does anybody care? If your entire team didn’t turn up tomorrow there’d be a million other people prepared to suit up and take their place. If the fans didn’t turn up there’s still be a game right. But would there be one the following week?

Tell us what you’ve done that is so crazy people wouldn’t beleive it unless you told them:

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Fri 18th Jan 08
at 01:17am

Way to go, following your dreams!

My husband and I met on a student exchange trip to Austailia, both of us coming from Northeastern Wisconsin. That was the best 3 weeks traveling to a new amazing country and starting a new love. To this day Australia holds a very special place in our hearts. We got married three years to the month after our trip,6 months to the day after the Packers won the Superbowl, July 26th 1997. We planned our wedding to not interfer with Packer preseason, but the Packers were given a extra preseason game. And of course it was July 26th. Thankfully we did not have to change any of our plans, but the wedding party was in the bar watching the game and we had the dinner updates on how the Pack was doing insead of toasts.

Again we admire your courage to move to a new country and follow your American Football team. GO Pack GO

Paul and Michelle Babcock

Fri 18th Jan 08
at 07:48pm

Simply fantastic story. Growing up in western Wisconsin, I’ve been a Packer fanatic my whole life. (Can’t stand them Vikings!) Now I live in Hawaii teaching history to junior high students that have no pro team of their own. So, in my classroom, we’ve adopted the Pack. I’ve given updates to my students, kept them informed, battled it out with other teachers (stinkin’ Broncos fans), and we’ve even had pop quizzes when they’ve lost this year. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened too often. But what really struck me is that I saw this morning that they had called for volunteers to shovel out Lambeau. I was talking to my sixth graders about how cool it would be to do that for the Pack. Well, thanks to today’s update, I’ll have a story to share with them. Thanks for sharing this heart-warming story, and the best of luck to you and your family. I’ll be there in spirit at 1:30 p.m. HST.

Sat 19th Jan 08
at 04:07am

The ultimate Packer story ! 3 good friends and I drove roughly 40 miles from Schaumburg, Il. to Chicago for the Packers Bears game. It was a monday night. Halloween night, to be exact. (All Packer fans should know this story.)The weather was mid to hi 30’s and rain/sleet. We were in the end zone. We snuck our barnoculars in but the warm booze didn’t fight the weather like we thought it may. The rain was blowing sideways most of the game and it was blowing directly into our faces. I was bundled up in everything from long johns to rain gear. I watched punts go backwards, Edgar Bennett romp all over the field and one heckuva good TD pass thrown by none aother than #4. Then the walk back to the car and the journey home. After an hour and a half sitting in the heated car, the walk up the stairs to the bedroom, the peeling off of the clothes, I was able to actually ring water out of my under shorts ! Needless to say, I was sick for a week, but well worth it.

Sat 19th Jan 08
at 08:46am

Wayne, I’m sure by now that understand the unique atmosphere you have entered by moving to Green Bay and becoming a Packers fan.  I grew up in Ashwaubenon just down from the stadium and remember when Lambeau Field could pass for a big green metal storage shed.  My fandom developed in the late 80s much like yours. As a child I rode by the stadium every day with my parents, collected football cards, went to team practices, gave rides to players on my bike, and hung out afterwards looking for autographs.  It wasn’t anything special. I just did it because it was there and that’s what kids in the neighborhood did.
Only after I graduated from Ashwaubenon High School and left Green Bay in favor of University life and a subsequent career in Milwaukee did I begin to realize how special it was to grow up in Green Bay, be that close to the team, witness the development of Brett Favre’s career, and run through the streets of Green Bay when the team won Super Bowl XXXI. 
Watching the team this year has been very exciting.  It’s made me very proud to tell people that I’m from Green Bay and nostalgiac for my youth.  Reading bits of your blog further brings me back to that youthful feeling of excitement that I had in 1996, only now I have plenty of perspective on it and will appreciate it even more if the Packers continue on to Super Bowl XLII.

If this happens, I’m driving to Green Bay to watch the game with my dad, and to be there afterwards. 

Thanks again for the great read.

Sat 19th Jan 08
at 12:17pm

I have only been to Lambeau once in my lifetime, but it an experience that I will never forget.  It was a cloudy, cold day when I arrived that day, but when I sat down on one of the bleachers, the sun broke through the clouds and U2"s “Beautiful Day” rang over the stereo system. It was truly awesome.

Thanks for sharing your experience with not only the state of Wisconsin but the rest of the world.  You’ve definitely have Packer blood running through your veins.  Don’t forget to buy a cheesehead before you leave.

I hope that you and your family have safe travels back to Australia.

Sat 19th Jan 08
at 02:59pm

Ok here I go,
Ive born in Mexico City 12 dec 1969 I was raised in a Middle high class Family my father is a surgeon and my mother paints I have one sister she is a picology, when I was 7 years old my father took me to my uncle’s house so I can see his Football Gear he use to play in his high school calls Tepeyac and the team calls FRAILES in fact it was one of the first teams of american football in mexico, just to let you know Football have more than a 100 year tradition in mexico, so then I got very excited and told my dad that I want it to play football so next thing I was playing with the pop warner FRAILES team , then we move to Cancun Mexico beautiful beaches and weather is like paradise and for my good fortune that year, it was 1982, they put togheter the first team of football in cancun so, of course, I join Ive played middle safety at that time I was 12, then the team went in to a rest for 4 years, there were not to much people in cancun at that time, and then a Coach named Pepe Romero arrive to cancun and get togetehr some guys to built the team again I was 16 and I have to play with guys from 18 yers to 35 because on this part of mexico ther were no leagues just two teams one from yucatatn , another state , and us so our season was on invitation against college teams from around the country at that season Ive play widereceiver, next year the coach named me the new QB of the team, I didnt want it but he convinced me, from there ive play ten years as a QB and won to state championships and nmed the most valuable player once, of course I have to tell you all of this so I can start with my Packer fan story, since I was 7 years the first city my father visit in USA was houston he brought back a bunch of items from the oilers this was in 1976 so Ive started as an oiler fan and stick with them 12 yers until they lose that memorable game against the bills, then I decide to cheer for the Packers first because of all the history of the team and also because I like the colors of the team as a Cancun citizen I end up working on the hotel business thats 12 years ago I got married and have three beautiful kids been working in a city wich is one of the mayor tourism cities of the world has lead me to met a lot of prsonalities for example Joe Montana but the once that I cherish the most are the green bay packers players I met Robert Brooks, Nick barnett, Jevon Walker and of course I met a lot of green bay packers fans. after 7 years I made it to be general manager of the hotel and my office was filled with football memorabilia from me and from the packs, its funny how football works on people but everytime I have to deal with a Angry guest with a problem the attitude change when they realized that Im a packer fan so for that reason I met my friend from st. louis Mr. Scott Brenner and from the day we met we established a friendship even with our families, this year 2007 he invite 8 months in advanced to be at the Packers vs. rams game the one where Bret Favre broke the record for most passing yards in a career I will never pay back that moment to my friend it was a dream come true and the memories will last forever

Sun 20th Jan 08
at 04:05pm

I emailed you earlier in the season and said that you really picked a good year to do this.. I didn’t think it would be this good. Wow, I’ll bet you don’t sleep at all tonight. It’s going to be really cold tomorrow the Packers should win it and I think they can beat the Pats for the Superbowl. If you are driving through Albuquerque New Mexico and need a place to stay for the night you are more than welcome to stay at my place. Let me know who the friend of your’s is here in NM. Have a great time at the game tomorrow and dress warm. Cheers mate. Tom Rolland Albuquerque NM

David Wimble

Mon 28th Jan 08
at 09:44am

G’day mate I’m the real aussie born and grew up in sydney,Australia packer fans! ive support Packers for 15 years… i never been to Green Bay before and i always want to go there .. ive watch NFL game once when Chargers and broncos came to sydney to play trial game its was great game but i want watch real nfl games hope i go there if i got money! i got house and family you are very brave man to sell house and quit job to go there i wish i do the same but money is a problem! YOU THE BEST! REAL AUSSIE PACKER FANS! GO PACKERS!
best wishes of packers
David and sharon Wimble and 4 kids
Happy Australia’s day (26 Jan)

Wed 30th Jan 08
at 11:11am

I’m only 17, but I’ve been a Packer fan since I was 3 (my grandparents were fans, so I grew up into it.) Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the Packers play live, but that’ll change.

I live in Tampa, FL, home of the Buccaneers, and in the 08-09 season the Packers play at Tampa, so I’ll get to see Favre play in what may be his final season.

I’ll be there with my cheesehead and Favre jersey while my father will wear his Alstott jersey [sadly he retired :(]. It’ll certainly be interesting, and I hope to see tons of fellow Packer Backers there!

Wed 30th Jan 08
at 12:04pm

Dear Wayne,

I wish that I would have heard of your story at the beginning of the 2007 football season!  I am a Packer fan.  My mom was born in Wisconsin, so I guess you can say it is in my blood.  I have see the Packers play several times in person but only once at Lambeau Field.  That was my trip of a lifetime.  We received our tickets from Ron Kramer.  They were 6-7 rows up.  It was the Monday night football game after Thanksgiving in 2004.  I was very pregnant, and looked forward to Brett Farve getting his 200th career start.  It is something that I still think about and will never forget.  I am thrilled that you were able to live out this dream.  As you probably found out during your journey, the Packers are truly America’s team!!!

Wed 30th Jan 08
at 12:06pm

Sorry about the typo!!! My fingers were moving to fast.  I should know how to spell Favre’s name!!!!

Wed 30th Jan 08
at 11:46pm

Just wanted to say, “Good luck” and i wish you and your family the best.  It was a surprise to see someone take a chance like you and your family did, and to see you all made it through and are heading back home.  I’m sure Green Bay will miss you guys, so don’t forget to come back and visit.  Let us know when that book comes out. Can’t wait to read it.  Also, i think i may have seen you shoveling at Lambeau? It was a Tuesday morning before the NYG’s game.  I didn’t get in, but waited around until like noon. Someone was leaving and was all decked out in Green and Gold and even shook hands with a staff member at the stadium and i think even gave him a hug. I don’t have a great memory of whom this person looked like but i keep telling my wife i think it was that guy from Australia.  Anyways, good luck and have a safe trip… Mike

Roy Aubol

Thu 31st Jan 08
at 10:57pm

Wayne and Family.
I lived in San Diego the last 18 years and
I’m from Manitowoc,WI. I went to a bar/restaurant there called the Australian Pub. It has a pretty big following there for the Packers Games and the Badgers Games. The man who owns it is John Kelsey and he is Australian as well.It is a must do for the packer fan. 

Australian Pub
1014 Grand Ave
Pacific Beach ,CA 92109

Dave Mitchell

Fri 01st Feb 08
at 06:58am

Saw your story on ESPN Sunday morning and was really moved! I’m a lifelong Floridian who’s been a Packers fan since I was a little kid in the late 60s - not as far away from Wisconsin as Australia! Made my third trip to Lambeau for the Redskins game. If you’re ever in Orlando in football season swing by One-Eyed Jack’s and we’ll set ya up!

Tue 12th Feb 08
at 02:15pm

Greetings to those Down Under.  grin

I live in Green Bay, and 20 years ago I embarked on my dream vacation.  I boarded a plane here in Green Bay and, after 24 hours in transit, deplaned in Sydney.  While my experience was short-lived compared to yours, I spent 3 weeks on your continent and it was among the most exciting 3 weeks of my life.  I bought an airpass on Australian Airlines and in those 3 weeks, my airpass also took me to Brisbane (1988 Worlds Fair), Cairns (snorkled the Great Barrier Reef), Alice Springs (hiked the Outback), Adelaide (cuddled Koalas at Cleland Sanctuary), Tasmania (walked the halls of Port Arthur), and back to Sydney (lunch on the back terrace of the Opera House).  I had the pleasure of reliving it recently, only through memories, but still fun nonetheless.  My wife’s nephew boarded a plane last Saturday bound for your country.  He’s doing his final semester of college at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.  A week before he left, I took out all of my pictures and other odds & ends I brought back from Oz, and he and I had a fun time talking about things I’d experience, hopefully some of the same things he’ll experience between now and June.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see your shores again.  But never say never, they say.  Who knows?  If I crack the lottery one day, I suspect my wife and children will want to see Australia in person instead of just in pictures.  I hope you enjoy your memories of Green Bay as much as I treasure my memories of Oz.  Take care!


Wed 13th Feb 08
at 11:28am

Glad to hear that you and family got back home ok.. You left just in time to miss all the Wisconsin way below zero winters and snow blizzards and ice storms..  Hah Hah..

We are use that kind of weather, I have Trucked all over the USA for 35 years and drove several million miles doing it and I am always happy to be back home too in Wisconsin !

You all have experienced a life time trip by coming to Greenbay, Wisconsin and watching the Packers have an awesome year in 2007. 14 and 3..

We here in Wisconsin have been proud of the Packers since their beginning and have stood by them in good and bad years since 1919.

It is the only NFL team that has a 40 year waiting list to get season tickets. It is Title Town and it always will be..

God Bless you all and glad you came here in 2007 and got to experience what we in Wisconsin experience every year the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field, Tail Gate parties, Cheering the Packers and being happy when they win and feeling bad when they lose, but always being a True Packers Fan like you !

Vietnam Veteran 66/67 USMC

Fri 15th Feb 08
at 03:28am

Rick and I have travelled about the world and he ALWAYS wears his Packer cap.  We get comments from people who recognize the emblem, from ‘GO PACK!’ to hey, is that an American Football Team, to fellow NFL fans. All of these are outside the US.  US citizens recognize it as a nod, a smirk, or a ‘Hey, Green Bay!!’ I’n not sure that when we were in Australia that anyone recognized it there.  If they did, they probably were fellow Americans.

Wed 27th Feb 08
at 02:12pm

Hey guys… good on you.. I go to Wis every year to visit friends.. Have become an AUstralian Correspondent to about 138 middle school kids. Each year different kids from this school are allowed to email me one question each about what they want to know about Oz and I reply accordingly.. this year, nearly every second kid wants to know about Basketball and who are any Australian Pro basketballers playing in the USA.. any help? (Im a little challenged when it comes to basketball) after reading your blog.. I thought you guys are definately the ones to ask.. am going back in July again this year, to be cheeshead if only for a little while..
Cheers Kim in North NSW

Celebrity Foods

Sat 01st Mar 08
at 02:32pm

Wow, your stories amaze me.  Here I thought I was a huge Packers fan just because i skipped my sisters wedding to go to a game, but you guys blow me outta the water!

Thu 06th Mar 08
at 06:23am

It was a sad day yesterday, but because of the announcement I did find your website and your wonderful story.  Mine is not team related but “going for it” related.

After 15 years of wanting to move to LA and give Hollywood a “go”, I finally did it in November of 06.  I was so scared and I’m a control freak so to embrace not knowing what my future held was insanely scary.  What I can say is it all starts with breaking your inertia, and when I was driving across this great country it kept feeling like I was in a dream.  All the colors get brighter and smells are stronger, you would be amazed.  I hope everyone can taste the feeling I would have almost everyday for the first year when driving around LA I would see a palm tree and I would think, “how is a palm tree in Wisconsin?” Then it would hit me....I did it.  I’m here and I did it.  Simply one of the most amazing feelings you can ever have.  No matter what happens for me out here, in entertainment the odds are long, I will have won because I tried. 

peace to you and yours back in Australia; I hope your story rings out for all to hear and take inspiration from.

Thu 06th Mar 08
at 11:35pm

Hey, just thought I’d add my Australia-Green Bay connection story here.

I’m Australian, but married to a Wisconsin native. My wife grew up in Green Bay then ended up living in Madison until we got married. Now she’s emigrated here to Australia and we are both living in Canberra. So for her, this is her first year ~without~ snow smile

I’m still in Green Bay for 2-3 months a year though when we are there visiting her side of the family. I have never run into a single other Australian in that area so it’s nice to see I’m not ~totally~ unique there…

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